Match Calendar 2003

Month Day Event Location
April 19. Field Pistol Tattendorf
26. Big Bore Pistol Special Event Production any Sight and Unlimited any Sight Leobersdorf *
May 3. Small Bore Rifle and Small Bore Pistol Standing Tattendorf "Invitation" (Adobe Acrobat)
17. Small Bore Pistol Tattendorf
31. Field Pistol Tattendorf
July 15.-23. European Championship Debrecen-Hajduhadhaz, Hungary "EM 2003 Invitation" (Adobe Acrobat)
September 13. - 14. Austrian Championship Small Bore Pistol Leobersdorf
20. Austrian Championship Small Bore Rifle Tattendorf "Invitation" (Adobe Acrobat)  "Ausschreibung" (Adobe Acrobat)
October 4. Austrian Championship Field Pistol cancelled !!!!! Tattendorf
4. Open Czech Championship Czech Republic "Invitation" (Adobe Acrobat)
18. Austrian Championship Field Pistol Tattendorf "Ausschreibung" (Adobe Acrobat)
25. Small bore Rifle Weiz/Styria

* All animals are half size at 150 m


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