Match Calendar 2002

Month Day Event Location
April Between 2. - 5. Big Bore Pistol Production and Standing cancelled !!!!! new date see below ! Bruckneudorf
8. Big Bore Pistol Production and Standing cancelled !!!!! practice only ! Bruckneudorf
20. Field Pistol Tattendorf
27. Big Bore Pistol Special Event Production any Sight and Unlimited any Sight Leobersdorf *
May 4. Small Bore Rifle Tattendorf
18. Field Pistol Tattendorf
June 1. Small Bore Pistol Tattendorf
Between 11. - 14.+ Big Bore Pistol Training cancelled !!!!! ** see note below ! Bruckneudorf
26.6 - 10.7. World Championship Uzes/France
August 31. Field Revolver ++ Tattendorf
September 14. Austrian Championship Small Bore Rifle Tattendorf
21. - 22. Austrian Championship Small Bore Pistol Leobersdorf
October 5. Austrian Championship Field Pistol Tattendorf
Between 21. - 25.+ Big Bore Pistol Unlimited and Revolver cancelled !!!!! +++ see note below ! Bruckneudorf
November Between 4. - 8. Austrian Championship Big Bore Rifle cancelled !!!!! +++ see note below ! Bruckneudorf

+ At the time we don't know the date. As we knew the exactly date we will post it here.

* All animals are half size at 150 m

** Austrian Army has got a new order dated from 5. Feb. 2002 (GZ 32.029/29-3.5/01) which prohibited the use of private guns and private ammunition on all Austrian military shooting ranges. We don't know why, because ballistic laws are the same for private and military ammunition.

We will try to clear up the problem with the ministry of defence because we think this must be a misinterpretation. If this is true, it not possible for all military shooting clubs to have a competition or a practice on a military shooting range. But if there is no solution we will try to get an other shooting range for the competition in October and November.

++ Center Fire Revolvers only with open sight

+++ We cannot clear the problem because we write a letter to the minister of defence dated 5.9.2002 and get no answer till today (16.10.2002). Therefore the compedition cannot be organised.


Last Modified: 16. November, 2002 10:40